iLauncher, iNoty, iSettings, iLocker deleted from PlayStore.

Posted by iKevinShah in Android15 October, 2013

One of the most popular developer on Google Play Store, suckgamoni , his apps like iLauncher, iNoty, iLocker and iSettings are now no longer to be seen in the play store. There seems no update / post for the same. The apps were popular among people who wanted their Android phone to emulate iPhone style while retaining android OS down under.

The apps were totally a replica of their iPhone counterparts, like the last launched iLauncher update had the same features as iOS7 homescreen has.iNoty app also emulated the statusbar as it is on iOS7 with tabs of Calendar and "ALL" notifications tab.

The reason for deleting the apps is unclear, It might be a crackdown by Apple after launch of their iOS7, which forced Google to remove / limit the app.

Sad that the apps are gone, they were really awesome IMO.

Here's a screenie from a Android phone which had iLauncher+iNoty installed and running.

iLauncher+iNoty installed and running on android

I will miss these almost perfect apps😔

  October 15, 2013, 8:01 am