How to stop Youtube rebuffering videos when rewinding / seeking forward.

Posted by iKevinShah in Misc26 November, 2013

Youtube has been constantly updating itself and sometime back YouTube switched to a streaming protocol called Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP aka DASH. The video delivery is really efficient in normal cases where it buffers just some seconds ahead of current playing time and if u continue playing the video, it buffers little by little always some seconds ahead of current playback time. Now the problem arises where users like ME open several tabs to load video entirely and then watch one after the another in a continuous manner OR when the user try to rewind or seek forward, YOUTUBE takes time to buffer as it uses the DASH protocol for videos.

Solution / Workaround / Fix :

Thankfully, the solution which I came across is simple and easy to install and use. Solution is to install a Addon / extension called "Youtube Center" in the browser which you use for watching videos on youtube. Installing Youtube Center

There are various ways to install Youtube Center :

Configuring Youtube Center

After the installation is done, restart the browser and head over to youtube, you will see a small icon on the right as shown below.

Enable DASH Playback on Youtube

Thats it, you will now be able to seek forward or rewind the video without the youtube video being rebuffered. Bonus :

With youtube center, you can now control the default player type, default resolution, and all that you can customise on youtube.

NOTE : You wont get old comments system back though ;)

  November 26, 2013, 3:21 pm