Anchor tag name attribute not working in html5

Posted by iKevinShah in Webmaster11 October, 2013

So recently I decided to upgrade some of my sites design to html5 and I faced a weird, rather very weird issue, the issue was the the> was not working. This is a issue which happens with html5 based web design as Anchor tag name attribute has been marked "Obsolete" in HTML5 ( Source ). So if you are using a html5 doctype, the anchor name tag will not be working.

Alternatives / Solution / Workaround :

Using ID instead name tag , and make sure the ID is unique to the page entirely.

<a id="myuniqueid">Go to Div</a>

Seems a pretty nice little fix, though i would love to know your comments / suggesstions about the same😊

  October 11, 2013, 3:44 pm