Eboundservices review

Posted by iKevinShah in Webmaster7 November, 2016

A while back on one of our sites, we had decided to try out other ad publishers as traditional ones had become more and more stricter. So back in Feb / March 2016, we put out a banner on our site suggesting interested advertisers mail us. We got a mail from eboundservices and we agreed upon a CPM and had their ads placed on our site within a week or two.

It was the beginning, and in a few days, the CPM rates started showing the reality. Skeptical, but we decided to give it a month more after chat with their representative about how the CPMs will adjust after the month and will be low for first few days of the new month. However we tried entire April and CPM were as low as 0.05$ on some days. After a month, we decided to cash out our payments and moved to another ad agency.

Snapshot of March and April earnings:


After another chat with the people, they asked us to "update" the payment details so we updated the paypal ID and payment method preferred.


Nothing done since. Last updated in May (for the payment details) and its already November now, six months to process 20 odd $ payment. Hate to say it but another fraud you might say. Also to confirm, the ScamAnalyze website says:

Eboundservices.com has Very Poor Reputation and May not be Safe to Use

However not the lines on which we were analyzing eboundservices, but scamanalyze seems to make the point. Not safe to use as support is bad, CPMs are bad and payments are nil. Even after 6 months of waiting.

Verdict: Avoid.

  November 7, 2016, 5:11 am